This is a blog where i speak my mind about the tv-shows I am watching.

Now the hottest tv-shows on air are: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals & Arrow according to me.

What shows am I watching? Oh alot: Pretty little liars, Drop dead diva, Teen wolf, Hemlock grove…..

I will speak my mind about plotlines, fans stupidity, fans devotion, production etc…..

Remember, when you enter this blog, you are entering my world and my rules.

So what are the rules?

No rules – I’m speaking my freaking mind, you are welcome to do the same.

And hey! – Do you want to guestblog? You are more then welcome to contact me!

Tweet me: @MrForssander or Facebook me: Nick-Kevin Forssander

Don’t get mad, its just an opinion! A freedom of speach!


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