To all the former TVD-lovers (and present ;)….)

Hello TVD/TO fellas!

I have been thinking about this for a long time. I’m finally doing it. And it is with pleasure. Especially since this is my first blogpost in years. And for all of you who haven’t come far along on TVD/TO – you should know there will be major spoilers!

In Fall 2012, the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries premiered. One of the most interesting seasons so far. I had been waiting a long time for the everlasting wining Elena to just turn into a vampire and be tougher. But there was a problem, a problem that very many stupid fans hated.

Elena was no longer Stefan’s girl – Her long lasting feelings for Damon was showing.

“Aaaw, poor Stefan, this show is terrible now-days. Its no vampire show anymore it’s the Delena show.”

“Im so sick off Elena and Damon, this show has no meaning any longer”

“Where is the storyline? All I see is Stefan getting hurt and Elena backstabbing her friends”

“Julie Plec has destroyed this show, and with the Originals getting their own show, it will not stand a chance of surviving. There is nothing interesting left. Just love drama between Stefan/Elena/Damon”

Excuse me? Where the hell have you been? Not! Get Real: The show has had amazing story lines. We have gotten answers we’ve been dying to know ever since the very first season. And there are still questions hanging in the air waiting to be revealed. The quote’s are not quotes, they are bunched together with comments I’ve seen for these past two years.

FACT: Stefan/Elena/Damon has from the very first beginning of the show been a love triangle. Very early in the first season we learned that Damon was developing feelings for Elena. So what the hell are you all wining about?

Tell me: What is not interesting about the hole dobbelgänger story line? The dobbelgänger-legend must have started somewhere, and to get answers they actually need to go back, and Nina Dobrev needs to get into those characters. That is ONE of the many mysteries that TVD has brought us.

Ever since Damon and Elena got together I have been screaming of excitement because I think they belong together. But what is it about their relationship that makes the series bad? What is it about Delena that has destroyed the story lines?

I tell you what – NOTHING! I’m gonna freaking refresh your memories.

Season 1 Storyline *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*:
Elena is this troubled high school girl who lost her parents in a car accident. The very same day as the school starts again she meets Stefan. A nearly 200 year old Vampire.
Soon Mystic falls is tormented by animal attacks. Soon to be revealed, Stefan’s brother Damon is behind the animal attacks. Elenas exboyfriend Matt who has an older sister Vicki is very protective of Elena and his sister is very suspicious of Stefan. Damon moves into Stefans house, he eventually meets Elena who is a deadringer of Kathrine. Elena finds out about Stefan being a vampire, she is freaked out for about 1 day. Damon is using Elenas best friend as a sex bait and average to get what he wants, Damon tries to kill Vicki 3 times. Third time is the charm. He is turning her into a vampire. Vicki and Elena’s little brother Jeremy has an on and off thing. Vicki tries to kill Jeremy and Elena. Damon kills Vicki. There is a new teacher in town, Alaric, who turns out to have a personal vampire agenda.
Bonnie taps into her witch powers for real, her grandmother dies in the attempt of opening the tomb Kathrine supposedly is in. Elena finds out she is adopted, Elena doesn’t know where she stands with Stefan, Elena is supportive to Damon. Elena searches for her birth mom. Her birth mother is Alarics dead/missing wife, Damon had turned her into a vampire. Elenas father turns out to be someone close to her. Stefan is kidnapped by some tomb vampires, Alaric, Elana and Damon team up to help. Stefan almost dies in the process, Elena feeds him his Blood. Stefan struggles, he is on a blood diet for a reason, not turning into the monster he once was. Stefan kidnaps one of the miss mystic falls girls, Elena has no partner, Damon swoops in and saves the day.
The tomb vampire’s are trying to take over Mystic falls. The council has a weapon that will reveal every vampire. Damon almost dies, Bonnie helps Stefan save his brother, Jeremy looses yet another girl he was in love with.
Oh and Kathrine’s back!

Comments on Season 1: Lovedrama, excitement, death, a surprise waiting in every corner. Some more Love drama, some sadness, some happiness, some more love drama, and more death. Love it, I loved every single second of it! And I still do, 5 years later.


Kathrine is back!

Season 2 Storyline *Major Spoiler Alert*:
This Season picks off where it ended in the first season. John almost gets killed by Elena – wait no….. I mean Kathrine. Kathrine is back with the path of killing, heartbreaking and making trouble, including killing Elena’s best friend Caroline. However, Caroline has vampire blood in her system, Bonnie has a hard time accepting her new best friend. There is a new threat in mystic falls, and it has something to do with werewolves.
Elena and Stefan are having a staged “feud”, Kathrine is almost buying it. Damon misjudges the feud. There is a legend of a moonstone, everybody wants it.
Eventually team Elena/Stefan/Damon wins and they are locking Kathrine up in the tomb. Elena gets kidnapped, a new threat is coming, Klaus and Original Vampire, who has learned that Kathrine is back. Elijah, Klause’s brother faces Elena who at first thinks it’s Kathrine. Damon and Stefan swoops in to save Elena and faces Elijah.
After the escape, Damon and Elena’s kidnapper Rose team up to search for Klaus. Elijah is terrorizing them. Klaus wants the dobbelgänger.
Damon and Stefan are desperately trying to talk Elena out of it.
Caroline gets kidnapped and tortured by Tyler’s wolfpack friends.
Elena is slowly growing a stronger relationship to Damon, one week she hates him the other week they are at ok terms. Elena’s father comes back with the dagger to kill an original. Klaus appears, but not as himself.
Damon and Stefan are fighting about giving up Elena to Klaus. Elena’s own decision eventually wins, but not until she gets Damons vampire blood out of her system. Klaus has revealed his real self, Stefan, Damon and Elena gather with Elijah planing to kill Klaus.
Damon is bitten, as he lays dying Elena comforts him. Stefan makes a sacrifice to save Damon. Elena kisses Damon as he is taking his last breath, facing Kathrine doing so, realizing that she actually loves them both.

Comments about Season 2: Same here Love drama, excitement, death, fear, surprises in every corner, sadness, some more love drama, quite much sadness, and some more surprises.

The Sun Also Rises

Jenna’s death, one of the most shocking twists.

Do I really need to go on? In the third Season there are twists and turns, love drama, surprises lurking in every corner. A loving mother rising from the dead, trying to kill her family.
Elena struggles with her feelings for both Stefan and Damon, and making the right decisions. Hating Damon one second, and the other second hating herself for saving and loving him. That has been going on for 5 seasons. But all the time, there has been new story lines in between, new dangers, or old dangers coming back.
Question marks in every season, what ever is a dobbelgänger? Why does Kathrine look exactly like her? And why did Klaus refer Kathrine to someone familiar? Every question mark has to have an answer. But what do I see?

I see a bunch of fans that HATE the thought of Damon & Elena being together, they are used to Stefan & Elena probably, right? Guess what?!?…. Love sucks!
But that’s not only what the serious is about, Elena, Stefan & Damon. Are you even watching the show or have you been sleeping your way threw when Stefan and Elena broke up?

Wake up, this is what The Vampire Diaries is about:
It’s about teenage girl Elena, she is grieving her parents that died in an accident. Little did she know that the man saving her from the accident is a man born nearly 200 years ago.
What Stefan, her savior doesn’t understand is why she is this great resemblance to Kathrine. Eventually they do find out that Elena is a dobbelgänger. Now what is a dobbelgänger?
That is a mystery during both Season 1 & 2. In season 3 we do find out that there was another one before Kathrine, Tatia. The series is also about Tyler, the troubled teenager who bares a werewolf curse. And about Bonnie, a girl taping into her inner witch, becoming one of the most dangerous once, baring lethal complications.
Its about Caroline, how she goes from a spoiled brat to a strong woman by becoming a vampire. It’s about Damon, a sexy, dangerous vampire with the heart of gold and steel.
Now in the fourth season it has only gone about a year since Elena’s life turned around, finding out that her family has been involved in Vampire business for centuries. Eventually finding out that she and Stefan is a part of a curse set by a witch, Qetsiyaj, the same witch that created the other side, her great love betrayed her, meaning Silas. Her spell of immortality was the basis of creating the original vampires.


Amara, the anchor, Season 5

So not only has the story line been about Stefan, Damon, Kathrine and Elena. It has also been a story about where vampires come from, and how do they exist. All of the seasons are connected.
I know that some has stopped watching and then gone back. Not understanding anything, hating everything about it, saying it’s not a vampire show anymore it’s just another teenage dramaseries.
When infact, it is, and has always been a vampire show, a vampire show with love, betrayal, death, humor and life.
What if we still where stuck on Stefan and Elena, Damon always being left out. Wouldn’t you have grown tired of it? Wouldn’t you have gone mad? I know that I would have. I was almost going mad in season three. But the mystery kept me going. And Elena becoming a vampire, wow it almost took too long.

What is it really you guys are angry about? Tell me what story lines is it that suck that much? Is there not enough blood? Is there not enough scare? What is it? Please I beg of you answer me.

Do you even realize that TVD is The CW’s highest rated show still? And the biggest success of the networks history? One of the most popular supernatural shows world wide, yes the ratings are lower today then it was 3 years ago. But still, it is going STRONG. Season 5 has been the richest season with story lines. But they are all bound together, and have all something to do with the previous seasons.


Markos, one of the villains in Season 5…. and 6?

The Originals is a hot and great show. Still I got pretty bored sometimes, but I am hooked, I am hooked because of what I’ve seen of them, and because we have not gotten all answers we want from them. And why should we get all of their answers in TVD when that show really was not about them. They where just a part of the dobbelgänger history.


Liv & Luke – They are Twins, and they are witches.

We actually still don’t know WHY the dobbelgängers blood was one of the important ingredient in Klause’s hybrid creation. And whats up with Liv and Luke? There is a story line there. A very interesting one.
So there is no lack of story lines. They are just going forward.
And BY THE WAY SPOILER ALERT……..; Damon dies in the books as-well. But he is however resurrected! It’s a show about survival, love, friendship and betrayal. A life story with a supernatural twist!

Thank you for reading!